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1. Would you meet us in person before booking? 

 Yes! We offer a free consultation meeting prior to booking; there is no obligation or pressure to book during the meeting. 


2. Is there a contract or written agreement? 

Most certainly! There is a contract with clear and concise terms to avoid any unwanted surprises. 


3. Will we know the DJ booked for our event? 

Yes! Upon first contact with RTDJ you will know which DJ you will have scheduled for your event. They will be the DJ you meet with throughout the planning process.  You will be asked various questions during our initial meeting for us to better understand your dreams for your wedding/event. Three to four weeks prior to your wedding/event date you and your DJ will sit down and go over the itinerary and bridal list to make sure that everything is according to your plan. This gives you peace of mind, and alleviates one more thing for you to worry about…leaving that to the seating chart.


4. How soon should we book DJ services? 

Most of our popular dates are booked 8 -10 months in advance. The sooner you are able to book the better your date is available. We suggest our clients to make their deposit as soon as possible to secure their date. Your date is booked upon the arrival of a signed contract (digital or paper) along with your deposit. Our calendar event dates are our way of keeping inventory. 


5. How many years of experience is on your team? 

Over 10+ years of DJ/MC experience 


6. What Kind of equipment do you use? 

RTDJ always brings the highest quality audio and lighting equipment to your wedding/event. This equipment is maintained and checked regularly; built to last the life on the road. Equipment is checked often to maintain quality production. 


7. Do you carry liability insurance? 

RTDJ has never had a claim against them, but it’s always a good thing to carry insurance. We are insured as a company and as an individual DJ’s. It’s always to rest assured that all things are covered to and from your event. Many venues will not allow vendors into their establishment without Insurance. Ask to see the documentation, because some DJ’s say that they are covered, but are actually not. 


8. Is there backup equipment or DJ in case of an emergency? 

Yes, we have both. There is always back up equipment onsite at your wedding/event.  In the many years of this business we have never needed to call upon our back up, but it is always a great idea to plan and then not need it! 


9. Is set up or breakdown time included in your price? 

You will never be charged for set up or breakdown time for your wedding/event. RTDJ typically will arrive 2 hours before your guests are scheduled to arrive. After set up is complete we do an audio and lighting check and then change into our formal wear of your choice. We then have background music playing before your first guest arrives. We then are freed up to coordinate with the hall manager and other vendors for the evening. 


10. What styles of music do you have? 

We have thousands of music titles at our finger tips ranging from Oldies, Motown, Disco, Rock & Roll through the current top 40 hits you love. It’s not always about how large a library you have but the expertise in playing the right song at the right time during the wedding/event. 


11. What if you do not have a song we requested? 

We are happy to pick up any song you request with enough notice. We hope to have all of your specialty songs submitted by 3 to 4 weeks before your wedding/event. We do not require any additional charge for this service. If it is a song that is not able to be purchased, we hope that you are able to provide the appropriate format of the song; this is regarding your buddy’s band that isn’t signed or on a record label. 


12. Will you take requests and listen to our music suggestions? 

It is your special day, and you know what you want to hear throughout your evening. We would be more than happy to accommodate your music requests and the requests of your guests. Our role is to make it all run together seamlessly. We will provide an event form to initiate music selection and then you will build on that foundation. We will review all requests that come in night of the event against your DO NOT play or MUST play platform.  


13. Can we have a do not play list? 

You know what you like and do not like. Why would you want to hear something you do not like at one of your most memorable times of your life? We highly recommend a DO NOT PLAY LIST. If a song is requested from one of your guests and it’s on the DO NOT PLAY LIST it will not be played, you can rest assured of that. You can be as specific as a song title or you can be as broad as a genre of music that you despise. 


14. What is the deposit and when is the final payment due? 

The deposit is required at the signing of the contract to book your date. It is 25% of your audio and video lighting package of choice. We give the option to pay your total balance in three easy payments of cash, check or charge leading up to your event date. The second installment is due at the time of our finalization meeting 3 to 4 weeks prior to your event. You have the option to pay in full at that time as well…why worry about paying the day of your event? Your biggest worry should be to enjoy yourself. Your final installment is due 1 week prior to the event.

15. Do you require a tip? 

All though much appreciated, gratuity is not required for a 5 star rated experience. 


16. How much does RTDJ services cost? 

DJ’s are often viewed as a commodity which then leads some to go with the cheapest one they can find. There are many differences to look for in an entertainer which tend to be over looked when going to the “best” price. Many DJ companies will entice you in with their low cost packages, but you soon come to find out that your DJ doesn’t have much experience, quality equipment, intrapersonal skills, inferior music library, many times late, or do not show up at all. RTDJ rates are competitively based on the cost of business and the value we place on our product. Quality and experience are the most important factors RTDJ provides for everyone that books with us. We desire excellence in all that we do, which then lends itself to memorable moments in life! When booking with RTDJ you are booking peace of mind as well as an amazing experience!  

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