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Our Ceremony package allows your guests to hear your most memorable part of your special day.


RTDJ offers multiple options to make your ceremony a special time for you and your guests. 

Bronze Package

Our Bronze Package is our foundational package for your wedding reception. This includes 6 hour of entertainment, and one on one consultation. Along with this package is the audio and lighting equipment for the dance floor plus backup gear. 

Silver Package

Our Silver Package is our most popular package. Provides 6 hours of entertainment, one on one consulting, Audio and Lighting for your dance floor as well as lighting for your venue room. Includes on-sight back up gear as well. 

Gold Package

Our Gold Package is our most inclusive package. This package provides 6 hours of entertainment, Audio, Video projection, Lighting and customized monogram for your special day! 

Private Parties


First Communion

First communion is a special right of passage for your child. RTDJ will provide your audio and lighting needs to bring joy and excitement while maintaining respect for your religious traditions. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Bat/Bar Mitzvahs are a joyous and intimate moment for a family and their child. RTDJ will provide your audio and lighting needs to make this a momentous event for your loved ones, while maintaining respect for your religious traditions

Private/Dance Events

Every well planned private party or dance has exciting entertainment. RTDJ will provide your audio and lighting needs to make your event/dance a memorable moment for you and your guests. 

Corporate Events



Conferences are times of training and development. RTDJ can provide an environment void of distraction to allow people to engage and learn new skills.

Corporate Parties

Corporate parties are a time of celebrations. RTDJ will provide your Audio and Visual needs to honor your team and celebrate its accomplishments.

Employee Fun Days

Companies enjoy playing as hard as they like working. RTDJ will provide your Audio and Visual needs to make the playtime as enjoyable and meaningful as your work.


Accent lighting

RTDJ creates 

atmosphere and beauty through lighting within your venue room. 


RTDJ creates a one of a kind designs to put your name or event in lights. 

Video Support

RTDJ can provide the technology to tell your story on the screen.

Photo Booth

RTDJ captures fun moments of family and friends with an open air Photo Booth. Custom back drops available.

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